Alberto Navas & Radizes

What is it?

Radizes is root music brought to the stage by excellent performers, each one trained in different styles, which make the show very attractive to the public. In a Radizes concert, you can enjoy the deep-rooted sound of Alberto Navas' violin, the virtuosity of Nacho Estévez's guitar "el niño", the nuances and sensations lead by Frankcho Gallego, the subtlety and control of the percussions by Josué Barrés and the rhythmic and harmonic control of the contrabass of Coco Balasch.
Tradition and modernity go hand in hand in every concert, where flamenco, blues and different styles of folk music appear, with the Iberian root as a union between them all.

Who are they?

The group consists of:

- Alberto Navas (violin)
- Nacho Estévez ”el niño” (guitar)
- Frankcho Gallego (piano)
- Coco Balasch (double bass)
- Josué Barrés (percussion)